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 About Plasma

Plasma is an amazing way to regenerate and repair damaged cells, returning you to your original state of perfection.


We use elements such as zinc, copper and iron, as well as herbs and minerals combined with nano technology to create plasma which is known as the fourth state of matter. The plasma holds an extremely high vibration or field strength which can benefit humans, plants and animals alike.

Changing the condition of these elements from the matter state to the nano state eventually into the plasmatic state increases the potential energy of the elements. Once a plasma is created, the information contained in the plasma can be copied into water, at which point it can be used in various applications such as cosmetics, medicine and even jewellery.

Ultimately plasma will change the way that we look at health and wellness, agriculture and energy, enabling us to transition away from pharmaceuticals, pesticides and fossil fuels into a cleaner and healthier world for all.

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