Welcome to our testimonials page. Here we will share any testimonials which we receive from our customers and friends. This is a great way to read and see first hand some of the amazing ways in which plasma can help to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

`Atypical moles. Atypical moles (also known as dysplastic nevi) are larger than a pencil eraser and shaped irregularly. These moles are usually uneven in colour, with a dark brown center. ... Atypical moles tend to run in families and they may be at increased risk of developing into skin cancer.`


We treated this Atypical mole with Agave plasma cream for two months, and it has significantly reduced in size.

An important part of understanding plasma and how it functions is that the plasma becomes a vehicle on which your intent can carry. The plasma serves both our physical and emotional bodies. If one applies the plasma products without setting your intentions clearly, i.e saying them out loud, writing them down, meditating on the outcome etc, you will see the results on the physical plane. You can achieve good result through working only on the physical, but you will see much more effective results if attention is placed on the emotional body also.

So do your best to put some focus on positive intent.

`Last month I was walking through the streets of Cuernavaca (they are very steep) and in a descent my foot got stuck, my left ankle was distorted, I lost my balance and as I was going down I took flight and fell on my mouth
Although I put my hands in my face bounced against the floor, I hit my nose, I opened my mouth, I scraped my hands (against the pavement) and knees
I immediately put plasma and plasma ointment on my nose, mouth, hands, knees and ankles. I also put ice.

At night I could not support the ankle that had been falsified. I re-applied the plasma, the ointment and put on the plasma patch. I spoke with the doctor and he suggested that if he continued to hurt me in the morning he would take an x-ray of my ankle and go to his office. Miraculously the next morning my ankle did not hurt anymore and I could support it.
Then I started to hurt my knee. Use the patch for four days and the knee pain also disappeared

The scrapes immediately stopped burning with the ointment and healed in less than a week.

I am delighted with these products. Now I use plasma and plasma cream on my face to prevent wrinkles`

A testimonial from an elderly lady who had a bad fall and used plasma water and creams to reduce the pain as well as the swelling and the bruising. (translated from Spanish)

A testimonial from a man who accidentally drilled his thumb!

`After suffering an injury, plasma fluid was applied immediately and the bleeding stopped completely in a matter of seconds.
During the first hour, the inflammation, bruising and pain decreased.
24 hours later we can see a great improvement.`

A testimonial from a customer who gave his dog a plasma pendent to try to calm him down

`I got the package last week, beautiful pendants.
I feel very relaxed and centered, but my dog has a fantastic experience.
He is so much more calmer, he even sleeps when i eat👍
Usually he is a high energy dog, we have trouble leaving him home alone.
He always has to be right by my side at all times.
But now he sometimes just rests by himself, he even takes time sniffing, at other dogs markings, and he sleeps a lot more.
I have had him for eleven years so i know my dogs behaviour.

A testimonial from a customer who used our Plasma muscle rub on a burned hand.

`Yesterday I was talking on the phone and making some tea with an electric kettle. While talking on the phone I was standing by the counter, and turned my hand over to look at my left forearm, not realising that my hand was in the stream of steam coming out from the kettle. Took a moment of pain to realise what was happening. Already it was stinging and I could see the skin puffy. I was like darn a blister is forming I was not fast enough! About a half hour later, I remember I had some Peyote and Marijuana Plasma cream. I thought about taking a picture but did not. I did a second dose of the cream on it after about a half hour. The swelling went down. The stinging stopped. There was a blister there but it seemed to be changing. The next morning I woke up and I'm like, hell, that blister is really trying to completely disappear! Even working with this stuff it still surprises me when it happens!`