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Join us in learning how to produce your own plasma and nano materials to help transition away from pharmaceuticals, pesticides and chemicals and step into a more sustainable way of life for you, your 

family and friends. Our aim is to share what we know about plasma in a simple way, that requires no previous knowledge of the subject. In just two hours you will gain the experience needed to get

started with your own plasma production.





















We ask for a donation of $20 to join the workshops.

Workshops are held using the `Zoom` application, which can be downloaded online for free.

Invite as many of your friends and family as you like to the workshop for no extra charge.

For more information, email us at

`It was truly fun, and informative, the time flew by...was really down to earth, you made it so easy to understand..thank you`

`Loved every minute of it! lol. We need a pt. 2!`

`Thank You so much! `

`Thank you so much. So easy to understand now with your live explanations` 

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